Pick route optimization

Pick route optimization

An average pickround with 500m distance is shortened to 400m. Time saved!

Experience a smarter way to pick my orders

What is an AI optimized picking route?

You have heard of classical combinatorial optimization problem regarding calculating the shortest possible route between a number of cities – “the traveling salesman’s problem”! The exact same principle goes for directions in Google Maps – or pick routes in a warehouse. (Read more on how it works..)

By using mathematical models to calculate the shortest route between all items on the pick list, huge time savings can be made, as well as reduce wear and tear on equipment. Not to mention improving employee welfare and satisfaction when the pick rounds get more efficient.

Save time and money in warehouse picking

All items in the warehouse is assigned a geographical location, as well as a regular stock location from the digital CAD-map . This means that optimized route is created for each pick round, in real-time.

The results are astonishing. Tests show savings of 20-30 % in pick route distance and one customer saved 900 kilometers of unnecessary truck-driving during a period of only two months. An important customer advantage – to meet the market’s ever-increasing demands for fast deliveries.

Pick route optimization and smart storage - A powerful combination

Pick smarter … and store smarter. To get your warehouse even more optimized a combination of Pick route optimization and our add-on module for smart storage is a good idea. Streamlined storage uses AI-technology to place items based on order history, which means shipments will be put together in a more efficient way, saving pick time. Together with pick route optimization you’ll be solving the problem both ways!

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