Beat the traditional order batching methods by 50% or more of travel saving with dynamic pick batch . Algorithm generates batches of picking lists with the least total picking distance.

Dynamic pick order batching for ERP and warehouse systems

What is an AI optimized batch picking list?

Say we have 4 orders that each needs to be filled with 2-3 items in the warehouse and 2 vehicles that can carry max 2 orders each, how should the orders be distributed among the vehicles so that they collectivey travel the least? This is what is known as joint order batching and picker route problem .

Mathematical models calculate combination of orders so that the shortest distance to pick all items together. In real scenario orders and combinations are more complex, means lot more time savings can be made, as well as reduce wear and tear on equipment. Not to mention improving employee welfare and satisfaction when the pick rounds get more efficient.

dynamic pick order batching

Save time and money in warehouse picking with dynamic quick batch

Illustarion is seemigly starightforward but in real scenario, for a 10 order batch out of 300 available orders as example, more than 1 quintrillion batches are possible to explore for the least total distance ! QuickBatch delivers one in 3 seconds with novel contextual intelligence, warehouse digital twin and AI technology.

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